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Hotel San Cristóbal: Pioneering Todos Santos’ Leap into the Limelight

A mere stone’s throw from the glitzy resorts of Cabo lies Todos Santos, a hidden jewel where time seems to slow down. Here, the essence of Mexico’s vibrant culture and the laid-back surf vibe converge. Imagine wandering through streets lined with local taco stands, their aromas mingling with the sea breeze, set against a backdrop of meticulously restored colonial buildings. This is a place where authenticity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the real deal.

And then, like a mirage turning into a lush oasis, Hotel San Cristóbal emerges on the horizon. Opened in the springtime bloom of April, this haven is nudging Todos Santos from its slumber, beckoning travelers to linger longer than a sun-soaked afternoon.

Liz Lambert, a Texan hotelier with a knack for creating spaces that resonate with soul and story, is the mastermind behind this enchanting retreat. Known for transforming properties into narratives you can walk through, her other creations include Austin’s eclectic Hotel St. Cecilia and the historic charm of San Antonio’s Hotel Havana. With Hotel San Cristóbal, Lambert and her Bunkhouse team, alongside the visionary architects at Lake Flato, have woven a tapestry of modern Tex-Mex aesthetics with threads of homespun luxury and local folklore.

Step inside, and you’ll find thirty-two rooms that are a serenade to the senses. Each space is a canvas painted with the vibrant hues of Guatemalan fabrics, lit by the soft glow of custom ceramic pendants, and grounded by the earthy tones of hand-picked tiles from New York’s Amethyst Artisan. But the allure of San Cristóbal transcends beyond its walls.

Lambert’s ambition stretches out to the azure waves and into the heart of the local community. The hotel serves as a gateway to the wild and whimsical Baja Peninsula, offering guests a treasure trove of experiences from deep-sea fishing and surf lessons to yoga retreats and the tender act of releasing baby sea turtles back into the Pacific’s embrace. These moments are crafted in harmony with local non-profits and businesses, weaving guests into the vibrant tapestry of Todos Santos life.

The culinary journey at Benno, the hotel’s beachfront gem, is a reflection of the landscape itself—seafood caught within a stone’s throw, kissed by Mediterranean zest, and served under the wide Baja sky.

Yet, Hotel San Cristóbal is but the first whisper of a grander vision. It’s the heartbeat of the Tres Santos community, a wellness utopia sprawling over a thousand acres. This is just the beginning, with dreams of plazas, beach clubs, cafés, and bike shops spiraling into the future. Trails will lace the landscape, connecting the beach to a village where farm-to-table isn’t a trend but a way of life, surrounded by homes that promise a return to a more connected, serene existence.

In Todos Santos, through the doors of Hotel San Cristóbal, lies not just a getaway but a journey into a slower, richer, more textured world. It’s an invitation to rediscover the rhythm of life, one sunset, one wave, one breezy room at a time.


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