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The Birth of a New American Watchmaking Legacy

Introducing Fleming, America’s latest entrant into the world of independent watchmaking, with the unveiling of its first timepiece: the Series 1.

In the wake of the pandemic, many found themselves reevaluating their deferred dreams, including Thomas Fleming, a fervent watch aficionado and collector. His long-held ambition of establishing his own watch brand has finally materialized after three years of dedicated research and development, culminating in the launch of Fleming and its premiere model, the Series 1.

Fleming confesses, “Designing wasn’t a straightforward or spontaneous process for me, aside from the continuous excitement that fueled my journey. Lacking the expertise of a watchmaker, I sought guidance from professionals, though I insisted on crafting the vision and design myself. It involved countless trials before achieving a design that resonated with me.”

The Series 1 emerges in three exquisite variants, each embodying a distinct character, courtesy of their meticulously crafted dials by Comblémine, under the aegis of the renowned watchmaker Kari Voutilainen. The collection includes a rose gold version with a carbon gray and light champagne dial, a platinum piece with southwestern brown and amber, and a unique tantalum model featuring a frosted platinum and dark blue aventurine dial.

Fleming aimed to blend traditional elements with innovative design to create something genuinely fresh in the rose gold and platinum models. Conversely, the tantalum version offers a bold reinterpretation of the dress watch, merging classic feel with a futuristic appearance.

The brand’s ethos—a fusion of Swiss watchmaking excellence and American ingenuity—quickly resonated with tennis sensation Casper Ruud, who not only sported a Fleming prototype during a match but is also collaborating on the Series 1 Ghost, a performance-oriented iteration. Additionally, the brand is already developing the Series 2 in partnership with celebrated designer Emmanuel Gueit.

At the heart of the Series 1 watches beats the Caliber FM-01, developed with the expertise of Jean-François Mojon and TMH SA. This movement showcases a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, aiming for unparalleled excellence in horology.

Fleming plans to sell the Series 1 Launch Edition directly, targeting a production of 5 to 10 units monthly, with initial deliveries expected in April. The brand has established an allocation process that allows buyers a 14-day window to reserve their watch with a 25% deposit. The Series 1 is priced at $55,200 for the rose gold version, $58,700 for platinum, and $51,800 for tantalum, heralding the arrival of a new chapter in American luxury watchmaking.


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